Takapari Road

Length      26km return
 Time  3 hours      
 Difficulty  Grade 2

How to get there

Takapari Road gives access to the Ruahine Forest Park from the Pohangina Valley East Rd . The road passes through farmland until you get to a locked gate. The road then procedes to climb steeply through the forest up a ridge. The trees thin out as you climb, until you eventually reach the summit of the Ruahine Ranges. If you continue following the road around to the right (south) at the ‘top’ you will eventually arrive at Travers Hut. The road climbs over 700 metres in 14km, so you had better bring your best pair of legs. During winter you can expect snow at the top which is over 1100 m ASL.

Trip Tips
Take warm clothing whatever the weather as conditions can change very suddenly at this altitude. Do not leave home without a minimum of windbreaker, long gloves, hat, and at least one layer of polyprop, if not a second layer. In winter a fleece layer is also recommended. The ride down is awesome but the wind chill factor is very high and if the cloud, mist or rain comes down it is extremely cold at this elevation. Tell someone where you are going.

Watch for 4WD vehicles on the descent. This is a public road - all road rules apply. Ride safe. Make sure your drivetrain and brakes are in good condition. You will need some low gears on the way up and good brakes for the descent.

14km of downhill - wohoo!!!

Takapari Rd at EveryTrail

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