Kahuterawa Loop

 Length      7-12km
 Time  1-2 hours
 Difficulty     Grade 3-5

How to get there

Logging at Arapuke Forest Park is complete.  The park is now open all the time

Kahuterawa Loop or K-Loop is a network of mountain bike trails that start from the car park at the very end of Kahuterawa Rd, Palmerston North. The trail climbs up Back Track (a paper road which links with Scott's Rd). This is a rugged, rocky climb, to access a network of trails that descend through the Woodpecker Forest Block. Back Track ascends through regenerating native bush, which changes to Exotic Pine forest at Scotts Rd. The trails can be used for running, walking or Mountain biking.

The trails are reasonably technical - at least grade 3 on the IMBA scale of difficulty.  The climb up Back Track is a technical rocky trail, with 5 stream crossings that passes through regenerating bush. Recent work on Back Track has improved drainage and some of the more technical elements have disappeared, however the long term viability of the track has been assured. Once you have made it up this climb, then there are a number of single track trails around 12km in length.  You will need to be reasonably fit and able to cope with the many obstacles presented.  If you can manage that, then this ride is a blast. There are also some downhill trails being formed which are Grade 4-5.

The area has been renamed Arapuke Forest Park and the two central logging roads are Arapuke Rd and Zig Zag Rd.  Signposts are in place with directions to get you back to Black's Bridge and Kahuterawa Rd.

As of Dec 2014, Manawatu Mountain Bike Club has re-established approximately 12km of trails, which is a variety of easy single track, to fun swoopy bermed downhills, with some jumps and a switch backed uphill climbing trail.  The goal is to create 4km of new trail per year, with funding coming from MMBC, PNCC, NZ Trail Fund, GroundEffect and community trusts. The area should have over 20km of Grade 2-4 trail in place by the end of 2020 and hopefully 2 downhill runs up to 2.5km in length. There will also be space to develop some dirt jumps and a pump track.

New Trail Map - current as of Dec 2014