A number of projects are being worked on in the Manawatu and wider districts to create either new Mountain Bike Trails or Fat Tyre tours. Various partners are involved with these projects.

Manawatu Mountain Bike Club:  MMBC are involved in two major projects to establish or re-establish Mountain Bike Trails.  These projects are
  • Arapuke Forest Park:- In partnership with PNCC, the area formerly known as Kahuterawa Loop is being logged over a period of 4-5 years.  The existing pine forest is 35 years old and now prone to wind throw.  Clear felling the existing forest and replanting with natives and long cycle time exotic species, such as Redwoods, Eucalyptus and Douglas Fir, is planned to create a unique recreational area.  Mountain Bike Trails evolved at K-Loop in a ad hoc fashion in the past. Future plans include getting a professional consultant to create an overall trail plan and assist MMBC in creating fun, exciting trails, following sustainable design principles (IMBA Trail Solutions).  Funding for this project will come principally from  PNCC with MMBC assisting with expertise and volunteer labour.
  • Manawatu Gorge Shared Use Path - In partnership with DOC and the Manawatu Biodiversity Group, MMBC are involved in a project to build a shared use trail from Woodville Cemetry to Ashhurst Domain, along the north side of the gorge.  One proposed route utilises the Railway reserve land beside the railway through the Manawatu Gorge and a DOC Scenic Reserve, trapped between the railway and farmland.  The reserve climbs to over 300m and affords magnificent views of the gorge and surrounding areas.  The native bush has a wide variety of trees such as Rimu, Tawa and Rata.
Destination Manawatu: DM, Manawatu District Council and NZ Cycle Trail are all involved
  • Ohakune to Wellington Cycle Trail:- The vision is to have a back roads cycle trail that provides a safe route from Ohakune to Wellington.  Ohakune is the start of the Ruapehu-Whanganui cycle trails, which is part of  Nga Haerenga, The New Zealand Cycle Trail, so this was the logical place to start a trail that links the network. There are no trails that are part of Nga Haerenga between Whanganui and Nelson, yet there is plenty of great riding and cycle touring opportunities. As it is intended to use existing, but safe back country road, this cycle trail, needs funding for signage to identify the route. With assistance from Manawatu District Council, a route from Mangaweka to Ashhurst has been defined and work to put signage in place is hoped to start in Sept 2011.  The route from Ohakune to Mangaweka has also been mapped and funding is being investigated.