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Rangitikei Loop

 Length     66 km
 Time  5 Hours
 Difficulty  2

This is a great back country cycle tour.  It will take the best part of a day, passing through beautiful Rangitikei farming country.  Take your time, take a picnic and your camera and enjoy the wonderful scenery in this area.

While mostly on sealed roads, there are two sections of gravel road.  Near the start, there is a short length of gravel road ascending Mt Curl.  Nearing the end of the ride, around the 50km mark, there is some gravel along the Turakina Valley Rd and up Taurimu Rd to Galpin's Rd.

The start point is at the Tuteanui Hall on the corner of Jefferson's Line and Griffins Rd.  This is a safe spot to park your car behind the hall, unload the bikes and start pedalling.  You will warm up fast as you immediately hit a sharp rise up Griffins Rd. After that you pass through rolling country to climb Mt Curl and descend to the main highway.  Travel for 200m along the highway and turn into Aldsworth Rd, which slowly climbs until it meets Ongo Rd.  Turn left and follow Ongo Rd to Mangahoe Rd and begin a short climb up to the a lake, which is quite a good picnic spot.  Continue along Mangahoe Rd until you meet the Turakina Valley Rd. At the intersection with Mangatipona Rd, turn left to continue down Turakina Valley Rd, beside the Turakina River.  At Taurimu Rd, turn left again and begin to climb for the next 9km.  The road changes name to Galpins Rd at the top of a hill with a splendid view north, all the way to Mt Ruapehu.  There is a final dash along Galpins Rd, before turning left into Warrens Rd and then right 2.5km later into Griffins Rd. After a couple of rollacoaster hills you can let the brakes go to whistle down the last hill to arrive back at the start.

If you have time there are a couple of scenic reserves along the way that are well worth stopping at.  You can also follow an alternate route along SH1 from Silverhope to Hunterville to find a nice cafe for coffee - the Green Plum Café is recommended. Once the caffine has hit, turn left at Bruce Rd and continue on until you meet the mapped route at the top of Aldsworth Rd.

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